The area known as the Driftless region encompasses a large section of Southeastern Minnesota. That area of the state is home to a lot of beautiful and unique scenery. There are numerous rivers to canoe and kayak, many bike trails and fun towns to visit. There is also a ton of gravel roads to explore on a Dual Sport or Adventure motorcycle!

I have been on a bunch of rides in that area over the last 15 years with my buddy Ernie that lives there, and also on GS rides from the Hiawatha BMW rally that is held in Money creek Minnesota.

This GPS file, that I’ve been calling the Root River Ramble, is a nice gravel road ride that starts in La Crosse Wisconsin or across the river in La Crescent Minnesota. From there, it forms a loop and ends back where it started.

Distance: 167 Miles

Difficulty: Easy gravel roads

Link to GPS file:

Lots of gravel roads and even a couple minimum maintenance roads to keep it interesting.